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"how to see in the dark"

From fire to electricity..... and than what ...?

After having discovered electricity, man has made giant steps towards technology.
Part of these discoveries have been dedicated in length to lighting dark places and night hours, where he has to live and work.
For example the lighting of streets, houses, mines, ship headlights, airports, only to mention a few in an infinity of technical improvements, up to sophisticated moon and outer space discoveries.

But lets simply remain on Earth and think of our houses, where we know we can arrive in all security as the streets are well light.
To say the word electricity is quickly done, but difficult to do and specially in an economical way.

We do not want to linger on how to light, as an infinity of lamps exist and each with particular features for any kind of use, we would like to concentrate on what we produce and that is power source systems.
One of the oldest, if not the oldest in alternate current (AC), is the series system, and now the most commonly used is the parallel system.

What is the difference? The series system counts a n number of lamps connected in series, built for a specific current (normally 6, 10, 15, 20 A), all have the same lighting level as they work directly from the current, which is constant.
The parallel system is built up of a double line, from which a  n number of lamps, designed for a precise voltage (normally 230 V), but which will never have the same lighting level, caused by tension drops, between the first and last.

VARAT decided to retrieve the old system, almost completely abandoned in time, certain that a 100 years of lighting history experience is not to be forgotten.  VARAT has married the old concept along with  new electronics, conceiving a very valid, innovative and economical system, saving thus on managing costs.

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