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RGP/4000 Family
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Power regulators

RGP/4000 Family

Power regulator

  • To control and regulate energy supplied to a heating device
  • To not pollute the network with high frequency disturbances
  • Specific to supply a load with a transformer and eliminate connection points
  • To control or feedback with a signal in voltage or current
  • To be able to manually set with a potentiometer (even multi revolutions) from 0 to 100%
  • Efficiency and current absorption load control
  • Alarm for load circuit interruption 
  • Totally micro controlled
Model Control Voltage Controlled Power Assembly
RGP/4000 Basic Model External On Omega guide
RGP/4201 230 Vac 1,5 kVA On Omega guide
RGP/4202 230 Vac 2,5 kVA On Omega guide
RGP/4401 400 Vac 2,5 kVA On Omega guide
RGP/4402 400 Vac 4 kVA Board + fixings
RGP/4901 230/400 Vac 15 A Board + fixings
RGP/4902 230/400 Vac 25 A Board + fixings
RGP/4903 230/400 Vac 40 A Board + fixings
RGP/4904 230/400 Vac 65 A Board + fixings

The electronic regulator of the RGP/4000 Family has been designed to control the temperature of heating elements (resistances) with a transformer.
The setting can be made by varying the time for which a load is supplied, this is made only by a percentage of cycles of the current over a number of preselected cycles.  The variation of theis percentage can be made manually, regulating a potentiometer or with a voltage signal (0-10V) or in DC (4-20 mA), for example with a PLC or a temperature circuit read out.
The reason to calculate the work cycles in percentage is to be able to properly set energy supplied to a heating element, without polluting the network with high frequency distortions.
The microprocessor controls, along with sophisticated software, the transformer ignition and consequently chooses the corrects moments, thus avoiding current take-off.
With a TA, the load presence and correct functioning can be constantly controlled.  If the heating element breaks down, thus obstructing current circulation, the regulator senses it and a red LED turns on, which contemporarily ignites a relay, which unloads the tension from the machine.
The reduced dimensions of the device is conceived for a Omega guide assembly.  The families from RPG/4201 to 4402 feature an internal controller.
To set the highest power, it is necessary to use the base model along with an external control element, this way it is possible to arrive up to 65 A at 400 V, and a power of 26 kVA.

Technical Data

Values Clamps IN/OUT clamps
Voltage 24 Vdc 7+ 8-
Absorbed Power 10 VA ---
Setting Commands  0—10V
4—20 mA
1 2
Potentiometer 5 KΩ
8 A 250 V 5 6 4
TA X / 0,1 A 13 15
Network 230 o 400 V 19 20
Load 230 o 400 V 22 23
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