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Special reactors

RMF/2000 Family

Single –Phase Reactors on iron for DC Filters

  • Filtering inductors for rectification systems
  • Filtering inductors to be inserted between DC motor driver and motor, to reduce the mains harmonics and the brush scintillations
  • The inductor values are defined (for filtered rectifying systems) by the current, the voltage, the desired ripple and the presence of a phase control
  • Manufactured on client’s request. Please supply minimum details for dimensions
  • If it is connected between a drive and a motor, the following details are needed :
    Max. DC current; Peak current and inductance value (motor functioning and operating).
  • If it is to be used as a filter after a rectifier, please state the following :
    Type of rectifier circuit (single or three-phase); DC voltage output (or max. and min. voltage output) and
    max. DC current.
    If a LC filter is used, the capacitor value and the amplitude of the desired residual output ripple are needed.

The RMF/2000 Family is difficult to define in a series of predefined values. This family
is used to filter continual current lines and thus must have over dimensioned iron
cores. Given the data mentioned on the previous page, it is possible to supply reactors
upon client’s request, also with extra intermediate tapping.

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