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Toroidal transformers

VARAT has been supplying high voltage transformers to its clients since 1975. In fact, the creation of this specialty component has been one of the cornerstones of our business since its inception.

Toroidal transformers made and sold by Varat offer the same high performance and guaranteed reliability characteristics that are inherent to all the products we offer to the electrical industry market.
Choosing a Varat toroidal transformer, (three-phase or single-phase), means acquiring many advantages in terms of efficiency and convenience, and therefore addressing two objectives at the same time, increasing system output while also containing the costs.

We understand the unique needs of these high voltage transformers, our careful design and attention to detail ensure that your high voltage power transformers will give many years of service without failure.

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Photo Family Description
MTS/900 Toroidal transformers
MTA/2000 Toroidal transformers
MTA/3000 Toroidal transformers
TA-proof Toroidal transformers 
for special use

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